Thursday, April 07, 2005

To Those Who Thought Pandora's Box wasn't Opened with Terri Schiavo

WorldNetDaily: "Granddaughter yanks grandma's feeding tube" is about Mae Magourik, an 81 year old lady whos granddaughter (and sole heir) as put her in a hospice and withholding food and water. She is neither terminally ill, comatose, brain dead nor in PVS. I find this passage very telling...and frightening:
"Ron Panzer, president and founder of Hospice Patients Alliance, a patients' rights advocacy group based in Michigan, told WND that what is happening to Magouirk is not at all unusual.

"This is happening in hospices all over the country," he said. "Patients who are not dying – are not terminal – are admitted [to hospice] and the hospice will say they are terminally ill even if they're not. There are thousands of cases like this. Patients are given morphine and ativan to sedate them. If feeding is withheld, they die within 10 days to two weeks. It's really just a form of euthanasia."

By the way, Magourik did leave advance directive...that food and water were NOT to be withheld.

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