Sunday, April 30, 2006

The NEA Hopes this is not a Trend

According to The Srate, S.C. posts teacher violations on Web. All I can say is, "abut time!". In 2005 41 teachers had their licenses either suspended or revoked for misconduct. And you can see who the miscreants are online as well.
I neither supported or voted Inez Tannenbaum for State Superintendent. I must applaud her this time, though.

I Love this Kind of Stuff...Which is Why I'm Signing Up

It seems like my major affiliations have taken names or nicknames that were originally intended as insults. "Methodist" was originally an insult aimed at John Wesley's Holy Club. "Sandlapper" was not a term of endearment for South Carolinians. Well, as Captain Ed says:
Our friends on the port side of the blogosphere have had quite a time tossing around funny little nicknames for those of us who support the war on terror and use our blogs to express our convictions about it. We've seen the names here at CQ in the comments section -- the term "chickenhawk" has appeared more than once, and others in the blogosphere have assigned us to a unit called the 101st Fighting Keyboardists.

The Captain goes on to say:
I've thought about that for a while, wondering what exactly about both epithets appear so fascinating to left-wing bloggers. As a middle-aged grandfather supporting a chronically ill wife, I have few options for doing my part in the war on terror. After 9/11, I spent weeks looking into different options for service while trying to balance my family obligations. Our family found out just three weeks after the attack that the Little Admiral would soon join us, and the implications of terrorism and war weighed heavily on my mind. I resolved to use the skills I had -- writing -- to make the case for fighting a forward strategy against terrorists. Eventually that led me to this blog, but in the interim I argued for a continued muscular offensive against the Islamofascists that had murdered thousands of our fellow Americans.

Is that the same as military service? Of course not. The men and women of the military do the real fighting, and we salute them and support them by supporting their mission. Milbloggers give us the best of both worlds by not only defending our nation and fighting (and beating) terrorists around the globe, but also by reporting on the fight first hand. There is honor in engaging in public debate for policies which we believe are in our nation's best interest as well. For many of us, we know that without presenting our arguments in the national forum, many in the media and the public will quickly overpower the debate and threaten the policies we feel give us the best long-term opportunity to defeat terrorism and the states that fund and shelter them.

I like the Captain's thinking, therefore, J Rob is reporting for duty!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

I Don't Care what His Party Affiliation is.

. I have seen some pretty bad mayors in my lifetime. For the most part, however, they have been guilty of nothing more or less than well-intentioned bungling. That is not the case of Jim Bostick.This man is the worst mayor in the US. He has been ordered to return some $7500 that he spirited out of the savings account of a dead Marine trainee, Jason Sepulveda. Nobody knows by what theory Bostick, a local mortician, claimed the money since the funeral was paid in full by the USMC.
HIs parents are waiting for the money to be returned. What I don't understand is why he wasn't charged with either fraud or embezzlement. If the people of Fort Lupton, Colorado re-elect this man, they get what they deserve.

Friday, April 28, 2006

And now, for Something Completely Different

I am not going to apologize for this, something needs to be lightened up here. My "conversation" with Gary has left me broody and ill-tempered. Then ALa at blonde sagacity had to break this story about fart-free beans. Do the people who concocted this idea really think we eat the things for the taste? Of course not. It is for the potential comedic value of a window-rattling trouser trumpet. The sheer fun of competition. You know with bonus points for an exceptionally gross sounding one. Deductions for "drawing mud". And now they are trying to deprive me of one of my remaining leasures in life. I have to smoke my pipes and cigars on the porch as it is. Now they want to do away with the only real reason to subject ourselves to the flavor of beans. Oh the humanity!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

An Enojoyable evening of TV.

Last night, NBC Dateline did another hidden camera sting on'To Catch a Predator'. It was an enjoyable evening of TV. Enjoyable because the pedophiles were caught and no actuall children were indangered by the program.
The big laughs came when some had admitted to having seen the previous three "To Catch a Predator" episodes of the show. What was not funny, however were those who got real religious ones. One was a student at an evangelical Christian college. Most disturbing, however, was the sixth-grade teacher at a Catholic school. To his credit, however, he used his phone call to resign. My question, though, is why is it NBC chose not to discuss the religious affiliation of ALL the perps. Yes the nominally Christian ones should have been exposed. The reason I used "nominally Christian" is due to the fact that pedophilia is not, nor has it ever been part of the beliefs, doctrines or teachings of Christianity or Judaism (it was a capitol crime in Judaic law). I really have no sympathy for this kind of high-handed sinning. These guys knew (or should have known) this is not right by any stretch of the imagination.
That said, I wish NBC much success in all future stings of this sort (another one airs tonight...hopefully not conflicting with "Smallville"). "America's Most Wanted" will be doing one this weekend as well.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Remember Pete Townshend!

Barry, over at Palmetto Pundit regarding the fight against child porn and the pedophile advocacy. Among the points he makes, and most importantly, do not link to the sites. If you have, remove the link and clear your cache and history immediately! Then make sure you are unequivocaly ON RECORD in your opposition.
Barry also links to Assorted Babble and Stacy Harp's Active Christian Media.
Remember, nobody believed Pete Townshend when he got caught with child porn on his comp! We must leave no doubt as to our intentions on this subject. Our opposition must be clear!

Happy BIrthday to Me!

And I hope that pedophiles and pederasts everywhere have a miserable Alice Day. Okay, maybe not a miserable one, but at least use the day to examine what you do, or wish to do, to children and stop it!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Time for Tongue-in-cheek is Past

My previous post about the pedo blogs on Blogger could best be described as possibly misplaced wit on this topic.I went back to check the discussion at Lost in Lima Ohio and saw a little support but also some who were proudly outing themselves as pedophiles. There was the usual martyr complexes displayed as well. Quite frankly, this cannot wait til the 25th. Blogger needs to know in no uncertain terms that their facilitating the sexual exploitation of children must cease. Little Miss Chatterbox has more as well as Stacy Harp
Jessie over at Speck on the Wing of a Lady Bug has the most comprehensive so far.
Once I read the defenses attempted by pedophiles. Apparently, in their view, if they convince a child it is okay it is not molestation. We are talking olympic caliber gymnastics and sophistry here. I'm sure they honestly believe what they have convinced themselves of, which is what makes me fear for the children, not only of this country but everywhere.
At the end of the "Cartman Joins NAMBLA" episode of South Park, the head of the North American Man-Boy Love Association is trying to defend his "orientation". Kyle responds with, "Dude, you have sex with children". Undeterred, the perv continues to which Kyle once again responds, more forcefully: "Dude!YOU HAVE SEX WITH CHILDREN!". Remember that line next time one of the pedophiles tries to defend his/her/its position.

Maybe if we Ignore it...

Chip Mathis just had to remind us it's EARTH DAY. I don't object to Earthday per se. Just the spectacle of pantheists everywhere having an orgy.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Time to Take back my Birthday!

Aside from screaming, "I ain't got money to buy my own domain name" I now have to deal with being on a site with a bunch of pedophile bloggers. Commies, Libs and BDSM kinksters are one thing (aside from the fact that many of that second group defend pedophiles as simply misunderstood). However, being part of the human race one has to be relegated to the knowledge that we don't always get to choose our company.
During my daily visit to Samantha Burns' blog I came accross a link to Lost In Lima Ohio- The Blog: Alice Day, and the Pedo Blogs (Lost in Lima Ohio is now on my blogroll). Alice Day is the anniversary of the day that Charles Dodgeson met and became infauated with a little girl named Alice.Before you say, "So what" just remember that Charles Dodgeson is better known by his pen name: Lewis Carroll. What bugs me is that Alice Day is April 25 which is also MY BIRTHDAY! No, I am not happy about it, not one bit. But, once again, you can't always choose the company you keep.
Now, Lilo is made of srong stuff to have waded through that sewer of pedophiliac garbage. She also provided a link to The Jawa Report how has a couple of links to these Blogspot baby-freaks and you can flag their blogs (this should get Google's attention). She also has urls that you can cut and paste and flag (I can understand her not wanting to make them clickable)
I have a modest (okay, not so modest) proposal, let's make April 25, J Rob Day. To celebrate, we can all visit and flag the pedo blogs with a blogspot or blogger url. It would be nice to discover who these people are so they can be brought to justice, but that will come another day.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

This is a Test

Jesse Jackson holds a watermelon just over the edge of the roof of the 300 -foot Federal Building, and tosses it up with a velocity of 20 feet per second. The height of the watermelon above the ground t seconds later is given by formula h= -16t2 + 20t + 300

a. How many seconds will it pass him (he's standing at a height of 300 feet) on the way down?

b. When will the watermelon hit ground?

Look at this question for a moment and think of the howls of outrage it would receive had the community college professor put that on a final exam. There would be calls for revokation of tenure (assuming cc's grant tenure) and no defenses of academic freedom.
In WATERMELON MATH, Michelle Malkin reports of a community college prof in Seattle who set just such a question on a final. There was, however, a minor change or two.
The actual question reads thus:
Condoleezza[emphasis added] holds a watermelon just over the edge of the roof of the 300 -foot Federal Building, and tosses it up with a velocity of 20 feet per second. The height of the watermelon above the ground t seconds later is given by formula h= -16t2 + 20t + 300

a. How many seconds will it pass her (she's standing at a height of 300 feet) on the way down?

b. When will the watermelon hit ground?

A spokesperson for the school did have the integrity to publicly denounce the question but accepted the prof's claim that the reference was unintended. The school's mouthpiece also had the obligatory defense of the instructor's right of free speech. My question is, would they have made the same public defense had the problem actually been set as I altered it at the beginning of the post? Okay we know that there is really no question there because this is the same double standard we have seen since Condi (and her predecessor Colin Powell) have been exposed to since becoming Secretary of State. She has suffered even more vile personal attacks than this. Usually from the same people who complain about "Amos N Andy".

L'Ombre de l'Olivier rightly points out how embarrasingly simple the problem should be for post high school education.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Not Sure Which was Worse

Steve White is an eigth grade science teacher in Athens, Alabama. It seems Mr. White thought it would be cute to show show a Bush-bashing video to his students. Okay, aside from the appropriateness of showing a political video in a science class there is also this little wrinkle. Mr. Davis is running for congress.
Much is being made of the fact that the video was laced with obscenities (you can find a link on Michelle Malkin). To me this misses the point. If Mr. Davis cannot distinguish between a political rally and a group of kids too young to vote I have to question how fit he is to serve. It displays bad judgement at best. Does he really think actions like those in the story is going to gain votes for him? Sure, there will be the kook who will view him as a "free-speech martyr" and vote for him on that basis. The fact remains this man was using his class to advance his political views. Never mind that his politics are totally irrelevent to the subject he was hired to teach. The man obviously does not understand the concept of ethics let alone the ones related to his profession. He should be fired immediately and hopefully the people of the 4th District won't let him get past the primaries.
Now, before people start hollaring, "What about free speech?", this is about a politician using his "day job" to make political speeches to a captive audience. If the students were free to walk out of class without dear of reprisal gradewise I would not have as much a problem with White's antics, but that is not what appears to be happening.