Thursday, April 27, 2006

An Enojoyable evening of TV.

Last night, NBC Dateline did another hidden camera sting on'To Catch a Predator'. It was an enjoyable evening of TV. Enjoyable because the pedophiles were caught and no actuall children were indangered by the program.
The big laughs came when some had admitted to having seen the previous three "To Catch a Predator" episodes of the show. What was not funny, however were those who got real religious ones. One was a student at an evangelical Christian college. Most disturbing, however, was the sixth-grade teacher at a Catholic school. To his credit, however, he used his phone call to resign. My question, though, is why is it NBC chose not to discuss the religious affiliation of ALL the perps. Yes the nominally Christian ones should have been exposed. The reason I used "nominally Christian" is due to the fact that pedophilia is not, nor has it ever been part of the beliefs, doctrines or teachings of Christianity or Judaism (it was a capitol crime in Judaic law). I really have no sympathy for this kind of high-handed sinning. These guys knew (or should have known) this is not right by any stretch of the imagination.
That said, I wish NBC much success in all future stings of this sort (another one airs tonight...hopefully not conflicting with "Smallville"). "America's Most Wanted" will be doing one this weekend as well.

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