Saturday, February 09, 2008

Follow the Link, Hilarity Ensues

For those of you who have not found it yet, you should mosey on over to YouTube and check out YouTube - NewsBusted Conservative Comedy. Yeah, the laughter is canned, but I don't think they have quite as much in their budget for audience as the Democrat Party has in their budget for rent-a-mobs.

Here is a sample:

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

McCain's Problem with the First Ammendment

Senator McCain does not hold the First Amendment in high regard. Our first clue was McCain Feingold. How could anybody who claims to cherish the Constitution support, let alone attach his name to such a travesty. His defenders tell us he just wanted to clean up dirty campaigning. Well, McCain-Feingold has not produced the desired result. There are so many loopholes in it you can use it for a sieve.

Apparently the Senator is calling in favors. According to Michelle Malkin , Bob Dole is running interference for him. In a letter to Rush Limbaugh, Mr. Dole invited the talk show host to stop questioning McCain's bonafides as a conservative. Yes, this is the same Bob Dole who once told a critic to get back in his cage. I agree with Dole that eight years of Clinton was enough, I have a big problem with somebody with "Senator" in front of his name telling somebody not to exercise their right to express a political opinion. Especially when doing so on behalf of somebody else with "Senator" in front of his name who is running for President of the US.

If Senator McCain and his surrogates don't want their positions and/or character questioned they should stop engaging in questionable activities, like throwing their weight around politically to silence criticism, and continuing to shred the First Amendment. It's nice that Senator McCain supports the right to life and Second Amendment rights, I just wish he had more respect for the first Amendment.

Monday, February 04, 2008

That is Why They play the Game

For two weeks we had to listen to football pundits, commentators and clueless fans anoint the New England Patriots the winners of Super Bowl XLII. The odds makers installed them as fourteen-point favorites over the New York Giants. "The Pats will make history on February 3 and be the first team to have a 19-0 record in one season", they proclaimed. Some even said the fourteen-point spread was overly kind to the Giants.

They forgot one minor detail: the game had yet to be played. Many people bet the Giants to beat the spread, but the arrogant odds makers were so sure of themselves they didn't adjust the line. Not only did the Giants beat the spread, they went out and won the game! Sure that wasn't supposed to happen, but somebody forgot to tell that to the Giants.

Now, why am I posting this in a mostly socio-political blog? Mainly because of the Republican nomination process as it stands now. It looks good for McCain right now, which, in my opinion is bad for the party. The man who sought to be John Kerry's running mate and almost joined "Jumping Jim" Jeffords in leaving the party. The man who pays more attention to La Raza while making the Minute Men out to be some kind of organized crime family should not be this party's nominee. You may disagree with me, that is fine, I still love ya, I just disagree. And on balance, I would rather have the military in McCain's hands than those of Hillary or Obama. Just please reconsider choosing him as the nominee. Or at least think twice before anointing him.

One more thing. WAY TO GO GIANTS!