Monday, December 03, 2007

The Jawa Report should have aimed this at a few Other Candidates

In The Jawa Report: A Video Message to Dr. Ron Paul this gem is provided:

It speaks for itself

Venezuela to Chavez: errrmmm, No!

Chavez Loses Constitutional Vote tells us that Hugo chavez lost his president-for-life bid with his proposed constitutional changes going down by a 51-49 per cent tally. The changes would have scrapped Venezuela's term limits and allowed Chavez to run for president indefinately. Among other things.
He would be able to hand pick previously elected officials and redraw the political maps on a whim. Givne his track record the last couple of years, he needs to be watched.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

When Good Intentions Blow up in Your Face

I do not foubt that Gillian Gibbons went to Sudan with the best of intentions. She wanted to build understanding between cultures. She let the kids in her class decide on a name for a teddy bear. The class voted to name the bear for one of their classmates, "Mohammed". As a result mobs have come pouring out of mosques in Sudan screaming for her execution!
That's right, once again, the "Religion of PeaceSubjugation" has reared its ugly head. According toBid to free Gillian | The Sun |HomePage|News The angry adherants came pouring out of the local mosques. Don't try to tell me this mob just appeared out of nowhere. The description of what happened makes it clear to all but the most starry-eyed that this was incited by the local imams. The mob is incensed that she will not get forty lashes, but spend ten days in a prison reputed to be a hell hole and be deported. Which is still, in my opinion a gross overreaction (to put it mildly) to the naming of a teddy bear.
Personally, I hope the vindictive secretary who set this chain of events into motion gets up close and personal with some of the more fun aspects of sharia law. A gross overreaction? Sure it is. But so is what she started.