Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I just couldn't Let this Pass

Okay mabe I could. I've never subscribed to the "prosperity gospel" or been a fan of the preachers who propogate it. It has always just rumbled me. Okay let's just cut to the chase. I thought I would pass this along from one of the cheesiest of the propserity preachers. This is really powerful stuff:

That Pesky old First Ammendment

One of the problems with coming to the dance late is you often miss some good stuff like DUmmie FUnnies: "Should religion be outlawed?". I came across this from a link on DUmmie FUnnies on a related topic. The point that the fine people at DU seem to miss is that the First Ammendment protects more than their right to dissent even to the point of exposing themselves as fools. The ammendment opens with, "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting [emphasis added] the free exercise thereof".

Of course the reality-based community proceeds as if those words never existed to describe their utopis with all the silliness found in John Lennon's "Imagine". My favorite bit is this proposal:

1. no minor should be allowed to possess a religious text, participate in a religious ritual or enter a church

2. no adult should be allowed to possess a religious text without taking a course in comparative world religion at the first year university level, and all such courses should be taught by Unitarians or Atheists.

Congrats! You have managed to both establish a religion (Unitarianism) and prohibit the free exercise. Of course that is to be expected from a group that produces this little tid bit:

"It should not be outlawed but should be eliminated from politics as the Constitution mandates."

Wrong again. The Constitution prohibits the U.S. government from administering a religious test. It does NOT prohibit the electorate from applying the tennats of their religious beliefs in deciding for whom to vote. Then again, this is only their wish list and as long as the Democrat Party insists on gravitating toward the Ned Lamonts and Howard Deans that is all it shall remain. They are the tail that wags the dog. And this dog is the mutt that never leaves the pound.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Missed my own Blogoversary!

Ain't that like me all over. On the eve of my second blogoversary I went up to Greer, SC for the funeral of a friend. On the way I made a stop and the fuel pump decided to die. Having replaced fuel pumps in cars before I figured a couple hundred bucks max. Boy was I wrong! $525 to replace the water pump (the pump itself was $300). My blogoversary is also my wife's birthday. By the time I got home not much was left of either so we did what we could for the birthday.
I mean I love you readers of mine (both of you), but I'm the marriage thing for the long haul.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Even a Broken Clock...

I am no fan of Charlie Rangel or Nancy Pelosi. By the same token I have to applaud their comments to Hugo Chavez after his insulting remarks regarding President Bush. While it is the right of every US citizen to be critical of members of the country's government, it is nothing short of diplomatic thuggery to go on foreign soil and insult the leader the country you are visiting. Bismark started the Franco-Prussian war over less.
Like Michelle Malkin, I would feel better about Rangel and Pelosi's defense of the president were it not for Rangel's "Bull Connor" analogy and some of Pelosi's own personal attacks. That said I was very critical of Bill Clinton during his administration. I even made more than a few personal comments about his character (or lack thereof), the same is true of Jimmy Carter. When either of them did anything I agreed with I complimented them on it. (The fact that such instances were rare not withstanding). That is my right as a US citizen. That right does not extend to visiting heads of state.

Likewise, (on a somewhat tangential note) nor does any church have a right to engage in blatantly partisan attacks like the church in Harlem that invited Chavez and others to continue the bash fest. Now the left is always wanting to pull a given church's tax-exempt status for handing out information on candidates positions and voting records on various issues. What happened on Thursday with Chavez and Samuel L. Jackson goes well beyond dissemination and that church should be looked at as well.

Monday, September 18, 2006

I got Tagged...finally

After almost 2 years of blogging (my blogoversary is Wednesday), ALa over atblonde sagacity has hit me with a book meme:
Book that changed my life: Bible
Plain Account of Christian PerfectionJohn Wesley

Book I've read more than once:
Mere Christianity by CS Lewis

Book I'd take to a desert island:
the Harry Potter series

Book that made me laugh:
Bimbos of the Death Sun by Sharyn McCrumb

Book that made me cry:
Green Mansions not because of anything in it, I couldn't stay awake while reading and was graded on content.

Book I wish I had written:
DaVinci Code ($$$)

Book that never should have been written:
I don't like saying that a given book should not have been written, but I can think of a few that I find a shame that trees had to die for them to be published.

Currently Reading:
Dark Shadows: The Salem Branch by Lara Parker (yes, the one who played Angelique)

Planning to read:
Christ the Lord Anne Rice
The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy Anne Rice
Of the Imitation of Christ Thomas A' Kempis

I'm still contemplating who else to tag with this

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Rescue of Elizabeth Shoaf: or Amber Alerts only work if You issue Them

On September 6, Elizabeth Shoaf disappeared while walking home. She was rescued on September 16 after text messaging her mother while her kidnapper left the bunker where he was holding her. No surprise that her was a registered sex offender. There were the usual quotes from local law enforcement like:

“It’s an answer to a prayer,” he [Sheriff Steve McCaskill] said. “We have been working so hard and so diligently hoping for this outcome.

Over 100 volunteers helped in the search over the last week and a half. This is where one would normaly have the obligatory praise of the Amber Alert System. Unfortunately I cannot do that here. You see, the Amber Alert commissioner refused to issue the Amber Alert! His response was:

"If you pull it too often,I'm afraid that it appears you're crying wolf too often, and people will ignore it."

It was apparent from his attitude that he regarded this as a case of a runaway. Either that or he privately thinks it should only be used in the case of pretty blonde damsels in distress. But this was not the case of a runaway. She was allegedly abducted by a registered sex offender posing as a law enforcement officer. At least they caught the guy.
Thanks Amber Alert Commission for a job well done...NOT!!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

C-A-R-O-L-I-N-A....GO-O-O-O--O COCKS!!!

It's the Gamecocks home opener tonight against 12th ranked Georgia. The video is from 2001, and the jerseys are black now, but it's a great opening. About all that is left of Joe Morrison's legacy.

UPDATE:Looks like our record of futility with UGA will continue. After intercepting with :50 in the 1st half we get tackled for a safety to make the score 12-0.

Friday, September 08, 2006

I'm still Scratching my Head

The Kennedy school at Harvard has found an interesting way to comemorate the fifth anniversary of of the attacks of 9/11. They are having one of the most virulent Jew-haters, second only to his successor to give an address on the subject, "ethics of tolerance in the age of violence". I am talking about former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami. In his latest installment of The Usual Suspects, Michael Graham takes a whack at Harvard. Since Free Times changes the column as Michael submits new ones, I am going to reproduce it in its entirety:

Remembering 9/11 the Harvard Way
by Michael Graham

On the evening of Sept. 10 ‹ on the cusp of the fifth anniversary of the worst terror attack in American history ‹ many Americans are going to be angry, but for very different reasons.

Americans who don't get it ‹ liberal activists and unreconstructed Clintonistas ‹ will be upset over the Sept. 10 premiere of ABC's miniseries The Path to 9/11. This six-hour docudrama based on the 9/11 Commission report allegedly suggests that the guy who'd been president for the eight years leading up to Sept. 11 might be slightly more culpable for the massive intelligence failure than the guy who'd been in office a mere eight months.

No wonder Democrats are outraged.

The film points out that President Clinton refused to give the order to kill Osama bin Laden when we had him in our sights in 1998. It shows the impact of the disastrous and legally unnecessary "wall" between the FBI and CIA dreamed up by Jamie Gorelick that allowed the 9/11 hijackers to slip into the United States unmolested.

But everyone made mistakes before 9/11. Clinton, Bush, Sandy Berger, George Tenant ‹ as a nation, we just didn't get the danger we faced from Islamist terror. Don't get mad about people who didn't get it five years ago. Instead, get mad at the Americans among us who still don't get it today. You'll find them at Harvard University.

On the same evening ABC unveils its docudrama, the folks at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government usher in the fifth anniversary of 9/11 with a speech by an anti-Semitic, Islamist terror sponsor.

Harvard's special guest Sept. 10 is none other than former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami. He's been invited to speak on the topic "ethics of tolerance in the age of violence." It's an interesting choice for a man who was the president of Iran at a time when it was rounding up pro-democracy college students and throwing them in jail (I suppose that's the "tolerance" part) to be tortured and sometimes killed (that would be the "violence" portion of the program).

Every year President Khatami served in office, Iran was listed by the State Department, and acknowledged by the United Nations, as the world's leading terror sponsor. It remains so today.

Khatami's Iran poured money into Hezbollah ‹ a group founded under Khatami's watchful eye in the 1980s while he served as minister of culture and Islamic propagation. Iran still supports Hezbollah.

President Khatami's Iran was secretly developing nuclear weapons and lying to the United Nations about it the entire time. Why is Iran so desperate for nuclear weapons? Perhaps it's because President Khatami called for the total destruction of Israel ‹ a position both he and the nation of Iran still hold today.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, which organized Khatami's trip, considers him a "moderate," reminding us yet again that, in CAIR's opinion, a "moderate" Muslim is one who only wants to kill Jews.

Does Harvard share that opinion? Who knows? What we do know is that Harvard now has an official open-door policy to anti-Semites.

Can you imagine a family member of a 9/11 victim sitting in that audience listening to this terrorist talk about รพ well, anything? Can you imagine a family who lost an American soldier in Iraq to a roadside bomb funded by the Iranians sitting through this Islamo-fascist's sermon on terror and tolerance?

The prospect is too terrible and intolerable to consider. So why is it happening? Why isn't the Angry Left angry about this, about a real member of a real fascist regime that really does terrorize its neighbors and endanger the world?

Oh, that's right. They're too busy defending Bill Clinton from the insults of an "unfair ABC docudrama" to focus on a real terrorist.

It's like the 1990s all over again.

Says it Better than I can

Do yourself a favor and mosey over to J. D. Pendry: On Your Hands. There is nothing I can add to this to make it better.

No Matter how you Slice it...

Captain Ed is calling a spade a spade. Dems in congress sent a letter to ABC protesting the upcoming 9/11 miniseries. The letter contains what some are considering (and I tend to agree with them) a thinly veiled threat to ABC regarding their license.

Of course the Dem apologists are pointing to the reaction to CBS' planning to air Barbara Streisand's hamartography of Ronald Reagan. CBS thought better of it and changed the venue to a cable outlet. However, AT NO TIME did anybody in the GOP with any governmental policy authority threaten to pull CBS' license.

What was ABC's offense? The program points out the Clinton admin's failure to bring in, dead or alive, Osama Bin Ladin. That they had the opportunity on more than one occasion is well known. What they seem to be objecting to is that now the Clinton legacy is in the hands of historians and not faring well. Without the coercive power of government they have no way of controlling its portrayal for posterity. Sorry, Bill. Your record is what it is. Maybe if you had not sent Sandy Berger (one of the Clinton people screaming loudest) on that little search and destroy mission to the National Archives people would not view you with such suspicion. Between that and the recent actions of your buddies in congress we now have cause for alarm at what might happen should the Democrats regain the majority of either house this year.

Also check out: Stephen Spruiell
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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It's ______ Time!

Michelle Malkin: Brew your own beer continues her coverage of Miller Brewing's support, and continued denial of illegal alien demonstrations. Now I cannot really call for a boycot of Miller, or Anhauser-Busch since I do not like their products. In my opinion their brewing process involves good beer, a trough, a goat and a bucket. I'll leave it to the reader to work out the process.
Now there are very few domestic beers I like, but the embedded Monty Python sketch has line that represents my opinion of Miller (and a number of other domestic beers):

sits back with a McEwans to watch