Friday, September 08, 2006

No Matter how you Slice it...

Captain Ed is calling a spade a spade. Dems in congress sent a letter to ABC protesting the upcoming 9/11 miniseries. The letter contains what some are considering (and I tend to agree with them) a thinly veiled threat to ABC regarding their license.

Of course the Dem apologists are pointing to the reaction to CBS' planning to air Barbara Streisand's hamartography of Ronald Reagan. CBS thought better of it and changed the venue to a cable outlet. However, AT NO TIME did anybody in the GOP with any governmental policy authority threaten to pull CBS' license.

What was ABC's offense? The program points out the Clinton admin's failure to bring in, dead or alive, Osama Bin Ladin. That they had the opportunity on more than one occasion is well known. What they seem to be objecting to is that now the Clinton legacy is in the hands of historians and not faring well. Without the coercive power of government they have no way of controlling its portrayal for posterity. Sorry, Bill. Your record is what it is. Maybe if you had not sent Sandy Berger (one of the Clinton people screaming loudest) on that little search and destroy mission to the National Archives people would not view you with such suspicion. Between that and the recent actions of your buddies in congress we now have cause for alarm at what might happen should the Democrats regain the majority of either house this year.

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