Friday, September 22, 2006

Even a Broken Clock...

I am no fan of Charlie Rangel or Nancy Pelosi. By the same token I have to applaud their comments to Hugo Chavez after his insulting remarks regarding President Bush. While it is the right of every US citizen to be critical of members of the country's government, it is nothing short of diplomatic thuggery to go on foreign soil and insult the leader the country you are visiting. Bismark started the Franco-Prussian war over less.
Like Michelle Malkin, I would feel better about Rangel and Pelosi's defense of the president were it not for Rangel's "Bull Connor" analogy and some of Pelosi's own personal attacks. That said I was very critical of Bill Clinton during his administration. I even made more than a few personal comments about his character (or lack thereof), the same is true of Jimmy Carter. When either of them did anything I agreed with I complimented them on it. (The fact that such instances were rare not withstanding). That is my right as a US citizen. That right does not extend to visiting heads of state.

Likewise, (on a somewhat tangential note) nor does any church have a right to engage in blatantly partisan attacks like the church in Harlem that invited Chavez and others to continue the bash fest. Now the left is always wanting to pull a given church's tax-exempt status for handing out information on candidates positions and voting records on various issues. What happened on Thursday with Chavez and Samuel L. Jackson goes well beyond dissemination and that church should be looked at as well.

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