Tuesday, September 26, 2006

That Pesky old First Ammendment

One of the problems with coming to the dance late is you often miss some good stuff like DUmmie FUnnies: "Should religion be outlawed?". I came across this from a link on DUmmie FUnnies on a related topic. The point that the fine people at DU seem to miss is that the First Ammendment protects more than their right to dissent even to the point of exposing themselves as fools. The ammendment opens with, "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting [emphasis added] the free exercise thereof".

Of course the reality-based community proceeds as if those words never existed to describe their utopis with all the silliness found in John Lennon's "Imagine". My favorite bit is this proposal:

1. no minor should be allowed to possess a religious text, participate in a religious ritual or enter a church

2. no adult should be allowed to possess a religious text without taking a course in comparative world religion at the first year university level, and all such courses should be taught by Unitarians or Atheists.

Congrats! You have managed to both establish a religion (Unitarianism) and prohibit the free exercise. Of course that is to be expected from a group that produces this little tid bit:

"It should not be outlawed but should be eliminated from politics as the Constitution mandates."

Wrong again. The Constitution prohibits the U.S. government from administering a religious test. It does NOT prohibit the electorate from applying the tennats of their religious beliefs in deciding for whom to vote. Then again, this is only their wish list and as long as the Democrat Party insists on gravitating toward the Ned Lamonts and Howard Deans that is all it shall remain. They are the tail that wags the dog. And this dog is the mutt that never leaves the pound.

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