Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Urban Myth that Won't go Away (And I don't mean Jimmy Carter...well maybe)

Like the annoying kid you see sticking out of the boarder of your high school year book, waving as if to say, "Hey! Over here, it's me", Jimmy Carter is at it again. Here is a rebuttal of his latest nonsense from Peter Kirsanow on Florida 2000 and Jimmy Carter on National Review Online What Grinnin' Jimmy seems to forget, and as Kirsanow reminds us is that Dems were responsoble for any local disenfranchisement that might (or most likely didn't) occur. Jimmy, do the rest of us a favor, stop campaigning for a second Nobel Prize.

Great Comment from the G-Man

This is a great comment on the hypocracy of the left
The G-Man is a favoriteof mine and this is worth the read.

About the caption:

The caption below, the President is said to be punching the opponent. Bear in mind that this is a yearbook photo and the caption was most likely tongue-in-cheek

Play Rugby, Become President

I love this pic Like the captain of my rugby club said after seing this, "Is there a better sport...I THINK NOT"

Just in Time for the DVD release of Fraudenheit 9/11

Celsius 41.11 - The Temperature At Which The Brain Begins To Die

I came across this on Michael It comes at just the right time. Unfortunately, as Graham points out, it probably won't change any minds.
This brings me to to a question, Do we tend to favor form over substance? How is it Moore can foist this drivel (read: Farenheit 911) off on the American public as a documentary and have it believed? And yet a true documentary , "with documents and everything" will barely get a mention. More on this later.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

The Case of the Phony Memos

Now this is almost laughable. You launch the "Fortunate Son" campaigne "coincidently" about the same time as the phoney memos were revealed and expect meto take you seriously when you say there was no collusion? I have one question to Joe Lockhart et al:If there was anything to your story, then why resort to fake documents with forged signatures?
Can you say, "fraud"?

On Yom Kippur

To all my Jewish friends, family (one of Mom's cousins married and converted into Judaism)and readers, I wish you all the blessings of the day.

I Can't Believe I'm Saying This, But...

Kudos to
Kid Rock. While I am not a fan of his but I have found a great deal of respect for the guy. While Springsteen, Bon Jovi et al are out campaigning for John Kerry, Kid Rock is performing for the troops.

According to the referenced artical, "He states, "You see this thing now where like Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi - like I love all these guys as musicians - they're gonna raise money for John Kerry. God bless 'em."

"But, before you go and do that, why don't these motherf**kers go over there and play for our soldiers in Iraq? I'm not vocal about my views on the war. I'm just vocal about my views on the troops."

I don't know that my respect has risen to the level of buying any of his work...but it is significantly than it was.

O'Brian Prediction

Conan O'Brian was doing another one of his "In the year Two Thousand" sketches when Elvis Costello delivered this prediction, "CBS suffered its greatest embarrassment to date when Dan Rather whipped out his johnson during the half-timeshow of the Super Bowl"
I kind of have a feeling that CBS news would be less embarrassed if that had been all that Rather did.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Who is Dionne Kidding?

What Is Bush Hiding? ( Is a fascinating little collumn. Not because Mr. Dionne plows new ground in the 30+ year-old questions. Rather it is is that is now ready to move on, as it were, from the tired old story of a RATHER embarrassing episode at Can't Believe Snews.

The most amazing statement Dionne makes is this, "CBS messed up, and yesterday, Rather fessed up.". No, Rather made excuses. He offered no apology to any one. He was only sorry he got caught.

Dionne goes on further trotting out yet a nother whistling-in-the-dark claime against the Swift Boat Vets. Having seen the new spot I can understand why Rather, Dionne et al would love to see them discredited. And Kerry could do just that with one the bottom of form SF-180, just like president Bush did.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Delusions of Relevence

I almost had to laugh at Kofi Annan. Okay I'm lying, I did laugh. "No nation is above the law", he says in a very thinly veiled swipe at President Bush.How longhas the UN stood by and turned a blind eye to numerous human rights violations world wide. In Sudan, the former Soviet Union, Afghanistan under the Taliban and Iraq under Houssein. Never mind that Mr. Annan was lining his pockets with kickbacks from the deposed dictator of Iraq courtesy of the Oil for Food, as did France, Germany and Russia.

Tell ya what, Kofi, return those funds to the people of Iraq then come back and talk to me about nobody being above the law.

But,I digress

For years the UN passes worthless resolution after worthless resolution which Saddam routinely ignored while enriching himself personally. The fact is, the UN is a bad joke that isn't even funny. It occupies some prime real estate inNew York Cityand acts as if its charter supercedes the US constitution. It's time for the UN to find a new home and put a McDonalds and a WalMart on the site.

Monday, September 20, 2004

I Hope This Theory is True

DC talk show host and fellow South Carolinian Michael Graham has stated that Dan Rather et al are sunk because they have become something that nobody can recover from: a punch line. When your stock and trade is being a trusted purveyor of fact, and you breach the trust of your audience to the point that they laugh at you, what hope is there for recovering your credibility?
The latest exapmle is a link I found on Glenn Beck's website. The link is to a parody of the discovery of a 1973 email from Jerry Killian's Yahoo account. It is hillarious and at the same time delightfully damning to Dan and the gang at Can't Believe Snews.

Too Little, Too Late

Had it come within the first forty-eight hours, I would have accepted it. Heck, I'm feeling generous, make it seventy-two hours. Almost two weeks later, this is absolutely insufficient to restore any credibility that the Can't Believe Snews organization has even a glimmer of regaining. In a copyrighted story in the Washington Post CBS has apologized for it's lack of judgement. This, as far as I am concerned, about ten days too late. They knew the docs were as bogus as the sincerity of todays apology.

Entertaining Week

I must say that watching Dan Rather and the crew at Can't Believe Snooze twisting in the wind has been quite entertaining. Or at least it would be if not for the magnititude of what they seem to have attempted to do. All the ascerbic (and dead on right) humor aside, Rather et al have crossed a line that I would not previously thought possible.

I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and say they were duped. Had they come out immediately with their mea culpa I would continue to. But coming out almost two weeks later with a half-hearted admission that the docs were not what they were led to believe does nothing but reaffirm (in my own mind at least) that this was a deliberate act to sway an election.

The fact that Burkette is being set up as the fall guy is also very suggestive of the probability that the Kerry campaigne was directly involved.