Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Just in Time for the DVD release of Fraudenheit 9/11

Celsius 41.11 - The Temperature At Which The Brain Begins To Die

I came across this on Michael It comes at just the right time. Unfortunately, as Graham points out, it probably won't change any minds.
This brings me to to a question, Do we tend to favor form over substance? How is it Moore can foist this drivel (read: Farenheit 911) off on the American public as a documentary and have it believed? And yet a true documentary , "with documents and everything" will barely get a mention. More on this later.

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Aussiegirl said...

The same thing with the Swiftvet ads and the CBS fiasco -- over 600 vets with honorable records are all liars and not to be believed, yet one psychopathic liar and a senile old clerk-typist become stellar witnesses in CBS' attempt to smear the President. Good post.