Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Who is Dionne Kidding?

What Is Bush Hiding? ( Is a fascinating little collumn. Not because Mr. Dionne plows new ground in the 30+ year-old questions. Rather it is is that is now ready to move on, as it were, from the tired old story of a RATHER embarrassing episode at Can't Believe Snews.

The most amazing statement Dionne makes is this, "CBS messed up, and yesterday, Rather fessed up.". No, Rather made excuses. He offered no apology to any one. He was only sorry he got caught.

Dionne goes on further trotting out yet a nother whistling-in-the-dark claime against the Swift Boat Vets. Having seen the new spot I can understand why Rather, Dionne et al would love to see them discredited. And Kerry could do just that with one the bottom of form SF-180, just like president Bush did.

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