Tuesday, February 05, 2008

McCain's Problem with the First Ammendment

Senator McCain does not hold the First Amendment in high regard. Our first clue was McCain Feingold. How could anybody who claims to cherish the Constitution support, let alone attach his name to such a travesty. His defenders tell us he just wanted to clean up dirty campaigning. Well, McCain-Feingold has not produced the desired result. There are so many loopholes in it you can use it for a sieve.

Apparently the Senator is calling in favors. According to Michelle Malkin , Bob Dole is running interference for him. In a letter to Rush Limbaugh, Mr. Dole invited the talk show host to stop questioning McCain's bonafides as a conservative. Yes, this is the same Bob Dole who once told a critic to get back in his cage. I agree with Dole that eight years of Clinton was enough, I have a big problem with somebody with "Senator" in front of his name telling somebody not to exercise their right to express a political opinion. Especially when doing so on behalf of somebody else with "Senator" in front of his name who is running for President of the US.

If Senator McCain and his surrogates don't want their positions and/or character questioned they should stop engaging in questionable activities, like throwing their weight around politically to silence criticism, and continuing to shred the First Amendment. It's nice that Senator McCain supports the right to life and Second Amendment rights, I just wish he had more respect for the first Amendment.

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