Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Time for Tongue-in-cheek is Past

My previous post about the pedo blogs on Blogger could best be described as possibly misplaced wit on this topic.I went back to check the discussion at Lost in Lima Ohio and saw a little support but also some who were proudly outing themselves as pedophiles. There was the usual martyr complexes displayed as well. Quite frankly, this cannot wait til the 25th. Blogger needs to know in no uncertain terms that their facilitating the sexual exploitation of children must cease. Little Miss Chatterbox has more as well as Stacy Harp
Jessie over at Speck on the Wing of a Lady Bug has the most comprehensive so far.
Once I read the defenses attempted by pedophiles. Apparently, in their view, if they convince a child it is okay it is not molestation. We are talking olympic caliber gymnastics and sophistry here. I'm sure they honestly believe what they have convinced themselves of, which is what makes me fear for the children, not only of this country but everywhere.
At the end of the "Cartman Joins NAMBLA" episode of South Park, the head of the North American Man-Boy Love Association is trying to defend his "orientation". Kyle responds with, "Dude, you have sex with children". Undeterred, the perv continues to which Kyle once again responds, more forcefully: "Dude!YOU HAVE SEX WITH CHILDREN!". Remember that line next time one of the pedophiles tries to defend his/her/its position.

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Ella said...

"Apparently, in their view, if they convince a child it is okay it is not molestation."

Wrong. That's called manipulation, and pedophiles understand this as well as anyone. You are stating your own misconceptions - NOT what the pedophiles at Lost In Lima Ohio's blog actually said.

I would simply like to state something which you don't seem to understand:

Children are sexual without anyone pushing it. The extent of this sexuality and how they choose to express it is extremely variable, but it is indeed there.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make...

A pedophile who tries to convince a child that sex would be cool is doing wrong.
A pedophile who follows the child's lead is doing right - though I have been in situations myself where I had to turn kids down because of the laws.

Just because a child has never gotten the hots for you does not mean that children don't get the hots for anyone and decide to act on it.