Thursday, April 13, 2006

Time to Take back my Birthday!

Aside from screaming, "I ain't got money to buy my own domain name" I now have to deal with being on a site with a bunch of pedophile bloggers. Commies, Libs and BDSM kinksters are one thing (aside from the fact that many of that second group defend pedophiles as simply misunderstood). However, being part of the human race one has to be relegated to the knowledge that we don't always get to choose our company.
During my daily visit to Samantha Burns' blog I came accross a link to Lost In Lima Ohio- The Blog: Alice Day, and the Pedo Blogs (Lost in Lima Ohio is now on my blogroll). Alice Day is the anniversary of the day that Charles Dodgeson met and became infauated with a little girl named Alice.Before you say, "So what" just remember that Charles Dodgeson is better known by his pen name: Lewis Carroll. What bugs me is that Alice Day is April 25 which is also MY BIRTHDAY! No, I am not happy about it, not one bit. But, once again, you can't always choose the company you keep.
Now, Lilo is made of srong stuff to have waded through that sewer of pedophiliac garbage. She also provided a link to The Jawa Report how has a couple of links to these Blogspot baby-freaks and you can flag their blogs (this should get Google's attention). She also has urls that you can cut and paste and flag (I can understand her not wanting to make them clickable)
I have a modest (okay, not so modest) proposal, let's make April 25, J Rob Day. To celebrate, we can all visit and flag the pedo blogs with a blogspot or blogger url. It would be nice to discover who these people are so they can be brought to justice, but that will come another day.

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