Sunday, April 17, 2005

There are Reasons New York Times Editors are not Cardinals.

The Dawn Eden shares my distain for the Times insistance on trying to enforcing their will in the election of the next Pope.
Once more, from the top:
The Roman Catholic Church is as the name says, a church.
As a church, it exists on its own terms.
It is not a social club.
It got its charter from God and not from any earthly agency.
It is not subject to the whims of public opinion and changing moral outlooks.

I do not understand why the Times, among others, insist on holding up "cafeteria Christians" as some kind of paragons of virtue when, at best, they are vow breakers. As I have said before and will continue to until I draw my last, "If you cannot embrace what is demanded by your vows, then integrity demands you leave and find a something you can embrace."
I am not impressed by people who say "I am (insert name of denomination)" then proceed to reject essential teachings and doctrines. They are being dishonest with themselves, the people they make the representation to, and to God.
But the Times wants people with no integrity to elect the Pope. What else is new, they have a history of endosring those with no integrity.

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