Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Public Opinion and the Papal Election

Dawn Eden's The Dawn Patrol has this quote from an AP poll, "most Americans—Catholics and non-Catholics alike—want the next pope to allow priests to marry and women to join the priesthood."
This is almost amusing. Most of what follows is a comment I made on the thread that this appeared on.
The church exists on its own terms. It was instituted by Christ for the purpose making disciples of all peoples. It therefore requires those involved to DISCIPLINE themselves toward that end.
Since its inception there have always been those who have said to the church, "Hey, get with it!" You can almost hear Henry VIII saying, "Hey Your Holiness, bring the church in to the 16th Century with the rest of us! We need to be able to divorce as many times as we want"
This isn't new and it will never go away. As long as the church defends the faith there will be those who are unhappy about it. One need only look at their conduct to see why.
Resuming the current thread, people need to realize that public opinion is exactly what the church is NOT supposed to follow. We are all quite aware that now, as at all times since its birth, the church is one generation away from dying out. The church's obituary has been written many times in the past, and yet she is still here.
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