Friday, April 01, 2005

I didn't Realize How Close I was to the Truth

Back in February when I labeled Judge Vlad George Greer a thanatocrat it was, in my mind, an opinion based on his conduct in the Schiavo case. As I was re-reading on The Title of Liberty the relationships between the principals who put an innocent woman to death I was struck by the fact that Greer and Felos did have a connection through the hospice where the deed was done.
Greer should have recused himself for that reason alone. I am of the opinion...and that is all it is ...that it was NOT a coincidence that Felos appeared before Greer to argue this case. Nor is it any longer a mystery how Greer could rule in the manner that he did. Given this information, Scooby-Doo and Shaggy could have figured it out on their own. Let us hope a US or a state attorney can do likewise.

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Kevin B. said...


After being on haitus for a couple of years, I am dusting off my Title of Liberty blog, in which I posted the "web of lies" article which your blog has linked in this post.

I am migrating the blog to a new site and cancelling my typepad account by or before Aug 3, 2009, at which time your link to my post will be broken.

The new site for the Title of Liberty blog is found at and the Web of Lies post at

I'm notifying you since I still get traffic to the retiring site from the link on your blog.