Sunday, April 17, 2005

Deep Down You Had to Know this was Coming

Thanks to BlogsforTerri for this heads up of George Felos taking his act on the road. That's right, coming to a lecture hall (or broom closet) near you. For a small fee, Felos will come tell you of his heroic fight for "Terri Schiavo's right to die" Anybody following the case knows what a load of malarky that is. What he fought for was Michael Schiavo's right to kill his wife.
Here is the site for Felos' "talent" agency if you wish to read. You can also do other things, like maybe express your disgust and outrage, in a polite and civil manner, of course.
For me the laughable part is, "Felos’ career of confronting legal and ethical dilemmas gives him license to present the compelling argument that individual rights are constitutionally protected, regardless of social (religious, economic, etc.) implications."
Unless of course you are the one being starved without having asked to be.

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