Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Nuclear/Constitutional Option Connundrum

Yes the Dems are being obstructionist. Never before has a judicial nomination required a 60% majority (this is effectively what will happen if Dems fillibuster as they have threatened). The fillibuster was meant to be used against legislation, not appointments and its use as here is inappropriate...period.
Having said that I think invoking the "nuclear option" would, in the long run do more harm than good to the country...and to the GOP's future as a majority party. I agree with Beth of MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy in her piece, "Going Nuclear — on the GOP", , let the Dems fillibuster. It really does not help thier image, after all, who outside of SC, GA and WV think highly of Senators Thurmond, Russell and Byrd (respectively)? The Dems and RINOs want to play games, let them. Let them be the ones who do the polarizing

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