Saturday, April 30, 2005

Exposing George Felos as the Liar he is

Terri's Final Hours: An Eyewitness Account - by Fr. Frank Pavone is a must read for anybody who wonders about the claim that Terri Schiavo's forced starvation by judicial fiat was the "peaceful" and "euphoric" that Felos et al made it out to be. Then Felos had the unmitigated gall to chastize Fr. Pavone for a supposed lack of compassion.
Mr. Felos, it is to his credit that Fr. Pavone did not misdirect compassion toward your client, Michael Schiavo. Rather, his compassion was for Terri, the woman that you subjected to this cruel death . All you did was expose yourself for what you are, a glorified hearse driver.

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