Friday, April 01, 2005

So Low He Could Walk under a Snake's Belly Wearing a Hat

I was reading Michelle Malkin's account of Chris Matthews' boorish comments about Terri Schiavo's father.

"The parents... the father seems to be having, I hate to say this, a good time. I don't know why, maybe it's the focus, maybe he's giddy with sadness of the tragedy that has been going on for so long."

I, like Michelle, an tired of the sanctimony coming from the MSM about the "civility" that Terri's supporters needed to show to Michael and his supporting cast. Look at the pictures and then this one ta ken of one of the counter demonstrators outside the hospice and tell me who looks giddy. Look at the contrast and tell me who were the civil and compassionate one's, Chris.
Chris, you have stooped pretty low in the past. I think after this it can truly be said that you are so low you could walk under a snake's belly while wearing a hat!

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