Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Buy That Man a Vowel

I always enjoy LaShawn Barber. I have always liked Pat Sajak, especially since this fall when I learned that he is not only politically savvy but shares many opsitions I do. The linked entry on LaShawn's blog is toa recent Human Events that Pat wrote called "Internet Goons" We all know them. Always popping up with a contrary (and often insulting and inflamatory. All done behind the shield on annonymity.
Now I use screen names. "J Rob" is one of them, but I have never hidden the fact that JRob is short for my real name, Jim Roberts.
When I comment on other blogs, it's always as J Rob.
Some may ask, what is the big deal? In my experience, people who hide behind annonymity are often cowards, afraid of the reaction to their words. Those of us who own our words, regardless of possible reaction generally have the attituse that if your words are not worth affixing your name to, why should we bother with them.
That is the reason I have this line in the warning at the head of my blog, "...annonymous posts will be deleted...without comment". Let people know who you are. And don't give me that stuff about harrassing emails. Folks, we who sign our names and give real email addresses face it too.

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