Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Once Again, With Feeling: Jimmy! Go Away!

The American Spectator has a story about former president Jimmy Carter whining about not being included in the US delegation to the Pope's funeral. Andrea Mitchell, on the Today show lamented that a Nobel Laureate with experience in Latin America. What Ms. Mitchell is forgetting is that Carter was on the other side of the fence from the Vatican with who he was supporting down there.

"... John Paul II devoted a great deal of time in the 1980s stamping out the Marxist "Liberation Theology" movement. At one point in 1979, the Vatican sought assistance from the Carter Administration State Department to limit the travels of U.S. Maryknoll missionaries to Central American countries, where they were teaching and preaching Liberation Theology alongside like-minded Latin American priests." The Carter Administradion did not cooperate.

As far as the Nobel Laureate business,remember hos Carter got that Nobel? "He has traveled around the world bad-mouthing this president and this country's policies. I would be surprised if a single person gave a thought to including him in the delegation."
Jimmy, go away.

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