Tuesday, April 19, 2005

RINO's on the Loose

According to Illinois Conservative Politics, Illinois legislator Rosemary Mulligan winning passage of a bill that would prohibit ultrasound testing on pregnant without a doctor's order.
Her reason? "Mulligan said that Planned Parenthood and the Illinois State Medical Society encouraged her to sponsor the legislation because there was a concern about long exposure of fetuses to ultrasound waves." Since when is PP concerned about long-term adverse effects of anything on an unborn child? This is the same bunch that calls driving scisors into the brain stem then suctioning out the rest of the brain, "humane".
Now if you are going to sponsor such legislation, doesn't it make sense to do SOME homework on the matter? The research offered by Mulligan was a vague reference to an FDA warning (note, it was not a study) that "muscle and nerve development could be affected by long exposure."
So, Ms. Mulligan proposed this because the dangers of ultrasound were brought to her attention. No, because Planned Parenthood brought something else to her attention, that women were deciding against abortion after seeing the sonogram of their child.
Her official reason for the legislation? "There's a new little industry that does ultrasound videos on babies before they're born for entertainment purposes.There is concern about the neurological development with long exposure." This is laughably transparent. She votes against a partial-birth abortion ban then stands there with a straight face and expect us to believe this. I do pray the Illinois Senate has better sense than to pass this.

Hat Tip:And Rightly So and The Dawn Patrol

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