Sunday, March 20, 2005

Slightly Misleading Headline

House GOP Fails to OK Schiavo Legislation is the headline on Netscape News. Of course that Netscape gets their news from CNN that headline is hardly a surprise. While the article does talk about the upcoming midnight session, the headline leads one to believe the fight is over.
Of course, the fact that they use quotes from Democrat opponents to protray the GOP as evil for trying to prevent a precedent that would make it possible for somebody to make a decision like this for you. someone like, say, a bigamous husband who once stood to make a couple million dollars if she would have died sooner. That this has forced Blue Beard...errr, Michael to spend all he would have made on legal fees is probably the only thing remotely approaching "justice" in this wretched affair.
Maybe that is why the little bigamist sent his common-law wife out to announce the real myth...that Michael "when is that bitch going to die?" Schiavo is distraught.

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