Sunday, March 13, 2005

Campaign to Annoy Christopher Hanson

University of Maryland's own Christopher Hanson had an op-ed piece in the Baltimore Sun comparing bloggers to the late Hunter S. Thompson. On balance, I agree with him on a great deal. Some of us are guilty on occasion of rushing in without checking, or making a reasonable attempt to check facts. I know I'm guilty of it on occasion when it is a subject I am passionate about. He goes after a few bloggers individually (being a "Large Mammal" in the Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem[#1132 to be exact] I was unlikely to catch his attention) but on one he goes too far. He chose to go after my buddy, Dawn Eden.
"Case in point: "The Dawn Patrol," Manhattanite Dawn Eden's preening report on Dawn Eden, iconoclastic neoconservative "petite powerhouse," illustrated with Dawn Eden glamour photos."

"...preening..."? "...glamour photos."? Mr. Hanson, have you even visited, let alone read Dawn's blog.
ChezJoel has started what I hope will catch on, a blogger's campaign to annoy Christopher Hanson. As always willing to do my part, I am offering this. Just remember, I play rugby; I don't do "glamour". Then again this is posed and self-serving so it barely qualifies.

I am on the second row, second in from the right , the shaven head with no visible facial hair. That is assuming you can get past our shirtless scrum half kneeling on the front row.

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