Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Price of not Speaking Up

The price of not speaking up can be a very high one. Unfortunately, when weighed against the possible price of speaking up it becomes easier to talk one's self out of saying anything. This especially true in cases like the Terri Schiavo case.
In And Rightly So! � Michael Schiavo is a liar, Raven tells of a staff member of the hospice where Terri is being put to death. Sadly, the staff witnessed Michael's cruelties and saw his conduct, but they said nothing. The problem lies in their knowing that if they were to repeat any of that they most likely would never be able to work in that field again. A sad reality. Even this late, this staff member is taking a great risk to his/her professional future. It was still an act of courage on this person's part. Having said that,as far as I am concerned, those who remain silent are accomplices in this matter.
I have no doubt, based on what I have read here, that Michael had the Schindlers barred from visiting so he could taunt Terri one last time.
I am so tired of this man being protrayed as some misunderstood "angel of mercy". He is nothing of the kind. He is a shameless opportunistic bigamist.

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