Thursday, March 24, 2005

I'm Not Sure Which is Worse

As the events have unfolded surrounding Terri Schiavo's death sentence being carried out, I have reached the conclusion that I am not sure which is worse. What is actually happening, or the absolute giddiness being exhibited by some on the left.
Are they really that shallow that "W losing this one" is more important than their humanity? It was the fine people on the left that created the dehumanizing lable, "vegetard". Then again I keep forgetting these are the people they believe to be unworthy of life and should be aborted and/or euthanized. It is the same mentality that allowed the imfamous "Special Olympics" poster to be created in the first place.
This case sets a dangerous precedent with a lone judge being allowed to impose a death sentence the most heinous rapist/murderer cannot reciefe because of its cruelty. And before somebody tries to tell me how peaceful and euphoric such a death this is, tell that to the people who are suffering in the various famines around the world and starving to death.
Then again, anybody getting giddy over this case is currently in too much of a state of euphoria to see their inconsistancy.

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