Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Renewed Promise of Resurrection

Soar we now where Christ has led...
Following our Exalted Head...
Made like Him, ike Him we rise...
Ours the cross, the grave, the skies...
-Charles Wesley

As I prepare to go to church here on Easter morning, as always the thoughts of Holy or Passion Week force me to look at various things, and look at them hard. And look athem balanced over against the grace of God as shown in the passion, death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ.
It is a fact that, with the exception of Jesus, one hundred percent of us who are born will die physically. The only question is a matter of time and circumstance. I have followed the case of Terri Schiavo over the past couple of years. There are very disturbing aspects of this case. The conduct of her husband has been cruel with regards to Terry and her family. The conduct of Judge Greer has been particularly appalling because of the precedent it sets with regards to the disabled of our country.
As we look at this we are hard pressed to find any good that can come of it. That is because we look at it with our natural understanding. There is some good that can come from this so that Terri will not have died in vain. Legislators can revisit some of the so-called "right to die" laws (which are now euthanasia laws because of this precedent)and close the loopholes that allowed this to happen. I know that this is wishful thinking but it could happen. This was not about a bunch of religious fanatics trying to enforce their will (though some will never be convinced otherwise). This is something that should not have happened and the fight is ultimately to keep it from happening again.
What of Michael? He will enjoy the pleasures of his sin...for a season. But God is not mocked. he will receive the wages of his sin in due course. If things remain unaltered. We must remember that as heinous as Michael's sins are in this case, they are not unforgivable for God. Whatever his spiritual condition now, he can still be reconciled to God through the Blood of Him whose resurrection we as Christians celebtate today. There are some who will read that and say to me, "How dare you!" That will come from the same anger and frustration I have felt over these last few months. But if you search your heart and the Scriptures you know this to be true.
What is left for us to do for Terri? We continue to pray for her. That her passing be as peaceful as possible under the circumstances. One of my seminary professors said that there five ways God heals. Instantaneously, gradualy, through medicine, by giving us the grace to live with the affliction, and through resurrection. The last available only to those in a state of grace. Tragic and disturbing as this has turned out there is cause for those of us in Christ to celebrate! Because we know that as she draws her last breath here, at that moment she will awaken in a new home her infirmities gone and in a glorified body! Like the old Black gospel song goes, "On that great gettin'-up good morning, we shall rise! We shall rise!" So shall it be with Terri, so shall it be with those who are in him.
Come, Lord Jusus!

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