Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Has This Man No Shame?

Michael, is Starvation Really Painless? :: News :: BlogsforTerri recounts Michael Schiavo's audacious claim that Terri will feel no pain. I have read more factual science in comic books. Of course he is also claiming that the withholding of nourishment is not starving said person.
That the softball questioning occured on Nightline with no follow up or rebuttal is hardly surprising. I guess they thought he is being punished enough watching his wife die...oops he won't be watching. He will most likely be at home with his shack-up honey with whom he has two children out of wedlock. I can see how he would be distraught over that.
Raven of "And Rightly So" gives an excellant description of this "humane" death that has been denounced as torture under international law:

By removing nutrition and hydration via the tubes, patients take days to die. They literally dry out. There skin becomes dry and scaly; their lips dry out and then the mouth can no longer open. The person either rolls in the fetal position and stays that way, or they lay out flat. They no longer void and their eyes become sunk in very deep.
I won’t go into anymore details as it is kind of gross, but it isn’t a pretty thing. Usually the docs and nurses do a “terrific” job with pain killers. The dying, supposedly, feel no pain. I don’t think that is ever true. I see them moaning and I have seen little tears rolling out of their dry eyes. The last patient I witnessed being put to death like this took 3 weeks to go. How sweet.

And people wonder why I make the Vlad Tepes allusions to Mssrs. Schiavo, Felos and Greer

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