Thursday, March 17, 2005

Could it be That Judge Vlad Should not Be?

According to this story in The Empire Journal,via Blogs for Terri, Judge Vlad...errrr...George Greer should not even be a judge as he was not even qualified to appear on the ballot. " failing to qualify for office in 1998 and 2004 and possibly as early as 1992. According to public records, George Greer not only failed to qualify for office in a timely manner, but he failed to file the proper documentation as well as the proper oath of office." is one of the most damning sentence fragments I have ever read.
The Article goes further to say, By law, by failing to qualify for judicial office in 1998, Greer could not legally appear on the ballot and thus was not legally elected. Without legal title to the office, he lacked not only subject matter jurisdiction but any jurisdiction at all in the Schiavo case and all rulings would be void.
This raises a disturbing question, why did the Schindler's lawyers not, as the article states, raise this issue in their arguments?

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