Saturday, March 05, 2005

First Ammendment and the FEC (I Wonder if Either Have Ever Met)

La Shawn Barber's Corner continues the on-going buzz about the FEC's unconstitutional attack on free-speech rights in the blogosphere. It seems the legacy media feels threatened by us "upstarts in bathrobes" For the record, I never blog in a bathrobe. I'm usually in a rugby shirt and either sweats or shorts as I "ruck" into the whoever I am opposing at the time. At issue here is where does the FEC's authority over "electioneering communications" ends and free speech begins. To me the distinction is false given that political speech is what the First Ammendment was meant to protect in the first place.
LaShawn's blog is a good place to start looking at the discussions. as well as Michelle Malkin, Captain's Quarters and Pajama Hadin
We need to be contacting our representatives and senators over this. From what I understand Senators McCain and Feingold are not entertaining comments from non constituants, so keep that mind as you start writing.

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