Tuesday, March 29, 2005

History Skimmers

There are people who study history, people who read history then there are people who just skim the first page and call themselves "a student of history". You've seen them, they are the ones who treat The Passover plot and The DaVinci Codes as if they are factual accounts when they are nothing more than flights of facny with no actuall historical substance. This brings us to TCS: Tech Central Station - The Israel-Nazi Slander in Historical Context.
This is an excellant artical exposing the sloppy thought processes that pass for "fact" and "legitimate historical process" in most discussions regarding the Israel Palestinian conflict. The absence of any significant FACTUAL parallels between Nazi Germany and present day Israel do not deter some people who force Holocaust parallels where none exist.
Rory Miller did a great job on this piece.

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