Monday, February 28, 2005

Interesting Comments from the Party of Diversity and Toleration.

Magic City Morning Star: The Electric Chair for Katherine Harris and Ken Blackwell is an interesting read. If any member of the Republican Party had said anything remotely like this the screams of indignation could be heard world wide.
Would Mr. Crockett also want the same for those Democrat operatives who really denied votes ? You know, the union thugs who intimidated non-democrat voters. By Mr. Crockett's standard the governor of Washington state should be executed along with the people who stuffed those phoney ballot boxes.
Actually, since Mr Crockett is on record as wanting these two individuals dead, I think he should be charged with soliciting to commit murder should either Ms. Harris and/or Mr. Blackwell come to harm.
PS:Mr. lost, get over it!

Thanks to Museum of Left Wing Lunacy

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