Monday, February 14, 2005

Saint Kansas: The Darkness Before Dawn

Dawn Eden's blog, The Dawn Patrol, is a daily read for me. She is a delightfuly opinionated young lady. This has apparently led to the last few weeks of her life being somewhat less-than delightful. First she loses her job at the NY Post. Then what was a personnel matter became the subject of what ammounts to the gossip collumn of Women's Wear Daily (since when does a fashion industry rag keep up with the comings and goings of copy editors?) That story was eventually retracted.
This entire mess began with the ever-popular anonymous source. It isn't real hard to figure out who the source, if you've been following the saga, especially after the outrageous and totally gratuitous taken in the pages of the Post.
Saint Kansas: The Darkness Before Dawn is a great piece regarding this whole wretched affair and I heartily suggest you read it.I think SK is right, methinks s/he doth protest too much.

Hang in there, Dawn!

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