Sunday, February 13, 2005

This is Progress?

InOn Culture Front, We're Losing War, Mark Steyn examines three stories, one already has received enough attention, namely Jeffrey Eden and his "award-winning art project". The one that stands out is the one about the unemployed waitress threatened with the loss of benefits because she refused a job. Now I am not talking about flipping burgers at the Berlin McDonalds, she is being forced to accept a job as a prostitute.
That's right, the German government is now a pimp. But oh, they are so enlightened, they have legalized prostitution and don't like war. All I can say is, this makes them no better than a dictatorship that builds rape chambers for the private ose of government officials. Well, now that the Dems have installed Wyle E. Coyote...errr, Howard Dean as they will probably continue to tout Germany as one of the nation-states we should be more like. And they will continue to lose elections. Do you really want a government run by people who think forced prostitution is a good thing?

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