Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Vatican Obviously Gets It

This article in My Way News, aside from having the misleading title, "Man Cleared to Remove Wife's Feeding Tube" contains this quote from Cardinal Renato Martino, "If Mr. Schiavo legally succeeded in provoking the death of his wife, this would not only be tragic in itself, but it would be a serious step toward legally approving euthanasia in the United States,". This is what I have been saying all along! And I rather doubt the Vatican just came to this conclusion yesterday.
Folks, people need to be shaken into a state of at least semi-consciousness. THIS CASE SETS A DANGEROUS PRECEDENT if it continues on to Mikey Schiavo's desired conclusion. Anybody can be killed because somebody close to them says it is what they wanted! That is what is happening here, and it will happen again, only next time, the perp will have precedent on his/her side.

Thank You John C.A. Bambenek via Blogs for Terri.

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