Saturday, February 19, 2005

Against a Coming Thanatocracy

To listen to the people at Theocracy Watch one would think the sky is falling because there are those who think that following divine law is better than the moral quagmire in which we find ourselves these days. Aside from misrepresenting what a true theocracy is. I cannot think of a Christian that I know who would support what they portray on their website.
But that is another post for another day. the fact is that a theocracy is extremely unlikely to become a reality here in the foreseeable future. What is not unlikely is the thanatocracy in which we seem to find ourselves.
"Thanatocracy" comes from the Greek and means "rule of death". It can also be used to refer to the "culture of death", but without the "catch-phrase" baggage the latter seems to carry. Why do I refer to our current culture as a thanatocracy? Look around, death seems to be the first reaction to whatever we find ourselves in opposition to. Get caught in the wrong part of town innocently wearing the wrong color you can find yorself with the sheet being pulled over your face. Remember a number of years ago how a mother took out a contract on a girl who had beat out her daughter for a spot on the cheerleading squad?
I have not even touched on abortion and how some think it something to be proud of. Don't believe me? Why else would this t-shirt exist?.Oh, it gets even better!. How long have we heard that they only wanted to keep abortion safe, legal and rare. Apparently some pro-abortionists are finally being honest that they want every abortion that can be had, to be had. Why else would anybody defend partial birth abortions. They did, of course trot out the old mantra, "exception for the life of the mother". Now for years we have seen the hand wringing abortionists crying that the birth process is when the woman is most at risk. How is it that prolonging that which is most dangerous (their words)protects the mother's life? Which is it, people?
You don't even want safety standards for aboution clinics!
Then there is the matter of euthanasia. Terri Schiavo's situation is sadly not unique, only high profile. Sadly there are those cheering her husband on as he continues his campaigne of court-assisted homicide.
It was Martin Niemoeller who said:

"When Hitler went after the Jews, I was not a Jew, therefore I was not concerned.
When Hitler went after the Catholics, I was not a Catholic, therefore I was not concerned.
When Hitler came for the unionists and industrialists, I was not a member of a union, therefore I was not concerned.
When Hitler came after me as a protestant, there was no one left to be concerned."

There are many who are concerned. People like Dawn Eden, LaShawn Barber and Moxie. Hyscience, Blogs for Terri, and Prolife Blogs are also prominent in the fight. I amd many others do what we can as well. There are many voices to run counter to the cacaphony from the thanatocracy. A blogroll that can be found on just about any of the sites I have mentioned. The ones I have nemed are not an exhaustive list by any means. When the thanatocracy is opposed, they like to paint their opponents as facists and Nazis. Ironic that they make that charge against people opposing their using the tools of Naziism and facism.

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