Sunday, February 13, 2005

Release the Tape or Shut Up!

It is almost amusing watching the MSM bending over forward and grabbing their ankles for Eason Jordan. Look, if you are going to make outlandish accusations about the US military targeting reporters you should expect to be called to back up your allegations. You do not offer I'm-sorry-you-misunderstood-me type apologies. The truly sickening thing is the way he is being portrayed as a martyr. To the members of the MSNM, you can surely find somebody much more worthy to fall on your swords for, can you not?
Of course such conduct by the press opens some doors to great satire, like the following from WuzzaDem Sadly, I am not sure we cannot expect to see such from Google after the way the snubbed Michelle Malkin and Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs stating, " We do not include sites that are purely news aggregators,". The only problem is that they do include DemocraticUnderground and Wonkette not to mention a few pro-terrorist sites. Oh well.

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