Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Typical...but an Improvement

During my days as United Methodist pastor I soon learned that I could almost tell where any given one of my activist colleagues went to seminary by looking at the "learning events" they scheduled. If I saw the event was "loaded" to the right they were most likely came from my alma mater, Asbury Theological Seminary. I never did such a thing but one or two of my classmates were notorious for it. A graduate of the Candler School of Divinity at Emory University in Atlanta would be more likely to load an event to the left.
This brings me toMichelle Malkin: WHERE IN THE WORLD, where in Ms. Malkin decribes just such treatment at Emory. Where she was invited to speak by the College Republicans. The Young Democrats invited one of her more prominent critics, not to debate her, but to sneak in and have his own little talk immediately after her presentation. To me this is nothing more or less than intellectual cowardice, and to his credit the critic did face her in a debate (Ms. Malkin will post a link to the transcript when it is available). I would also like to congratulate the Young Democrats for not engaging in their usual tactic of disrupting the meeting by. shouting down the opposition. Even as clumsily as they handled it, they did end up providing an open spite of themselves.

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