Sunday, February 27, 2005

This is Well-Meaning, However,...

While I am all for the impeachment of Florida Judge George Greer. I am not entirely sure this is going to help:Impeach Judge George W. Greer of Florida's Sixth Judicial Circuit Petition. Here is my problem with this. The Florida legislature is not bound to consider the opinions coming from outside Florida. In fact some elected people are known to dislike what they consider "meddling" from outside. If they see the majority of signatures are from outside Florida, they will not take it seriously. The fact that it originated online is a second strike. Finally, comments like these will not help (these are taken from the signature page...I will not publish the names):
"Impeach my budy Jack"
"impeach any body[sic]"
"Ronald Regan Jr 'Impeach Jeb Bush' " (I made an exception here since this is an obvious pseudonym, which will not help in the least...and if it really was Ron Jr. shame on him for helping endanger the effort). Those were signatures 1404, 1405 and 1406.Those were not likely the only flippant signatures. This kind of thing will neither help Terri, or get Greer off the bench.
What is really needed is a get-out-and-PHYSICALLY-collect-signatures effort in order for this sort of pettition to truely be effective. I would gladly do it if I lived in Florida. Another more effective means is for each individual is to mail a letter of his/her own writing, not a "boiler plate" type form letter, to their state representative.
Yes it is more work, but this issue is not one that we can cut corners on!

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Trinny said...

I'm reminded of an old song lyric: "Those who know what's best for us/Must rise and save us from ourselves." Not sure why it should surface in a post about top ten baby names, and certainly no reflection of you Blogger. But where could that thought take this discussion?