Friday, February 25, 2005

After all the MSM Misinformation, This is Very Welcome

John Grogan | Second thoughts on Terri Schiavo: A Newspaper Columnist Changes His Mind :: News :: BlogsforTerri is more than a little welcome. Mr. Grogan is previously on record of favoring pulling Terri's feeding tube. Hopefully a certain judge will do the same.
Despite what thanatocrats want you to believe, this is not a death with dignity case. This is an issue of justice! She is not terminal, comatose, vegetating nor is she brain dead. Most importantly, we don't know what her wishes were. We have only the word of her husband. You know, the guy who has fathered two illegitimate children with a shack-up honey while denying his wife even the therapy he told the courts he was seeking for her. Maybe the house of cards he had built for himself, a shelter of apparent lies and deceit, will finally come crashing down around him.

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