Thursday, February 03, 2005

Oh Kettle, Thou art Black Exclaimeth the Pot.

I caught this on a trackback off of Michelle Malkin There are always going to be some who have to say, "Well, you did it too".Running Scared: UN Oil Scandals... ooops purports to prove that the US adminsitration was involved and that those on the right are trying to cover that fact up by omitting that info from their blogs. I followed the link provided and lo and behold, the US administration was involved.As it turns out the CLINTON administration did do the wink-nudge treatement to it. Now if you are going to accuse others of obscuring information, don't you think you should refrain from doing likewise. However, to your credit, you did post the means to uncover what you obscured.

Update: Mea culpa I did exactly what I ranted against on the part of the author of the "Run Scared" piece did. I left out a salient point. What I should have said was that it was the Clinton administration who for the most part turned a blind eye the the UN's corruption. To be fair, the Bush admin does have some explaining to do for the less-than two-and-a-half years out of seven that it seems to have looked the other way. At least they weren't using any proceeds to prop up a dictator...or pay the families of Palestinian homicide bombers in Israel.

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