Thursday, May 05, 2005

What Does One Have to do with the Other?

STLtoday: The runaway bride may have run into common sense,By Betty Cuniberti is fairly interesting. It starts off with, and mainly focuses on Jennifer Wilbanks and her runaway bride saga. Now I agree that her wedding sounded a bit excessive...okay a lot excessive. Whether her disappearance was result of a sense of shame at her own (most likely mother's) excesses is a fair question, and one she is going to have to come to grips with.
On this point I am with the columnist. Then comes the point where the column takes a hard left turn into (thereby earning it the appelation "Wierdest Column of the day" from Michelle Malkin)...The Twilight Zone. I was a bit suspicious when I came on the following about half way through, "It is getting curiouser and curiouser how a society being reshaped by moral-values voters has landed on the doorstep of a new Gilded Age, a Wonderland where poor folks in wheelchairs get shoved out in the proverbial street without much fuss." First of all, most of the "moral-values voters" I know do not applaud the kind of nuptual excesses that are done today. From there came the obligatory attack on the Reagan administration.
Then comes this: "...divorce rates in Red states are 27 percent higher than in Blue states, according to U.S. census numbers crunched by Mother Jones[sic]." The writer leaves out is certain information that would be valuable in interpreting the data. I would like to know if the blue states have a higher rate of people cohabiting without marriage (which is likely the case). The split up of those couples would not be caounted as a divorce. Secondly, if I wanted to make such a statement and it have any credibility, I certainly would not hang my hat on "... numbers crunched by Mother Jones[sic]" I would want to see the formulae and methodology used by Mother Jones. I wouyld also want to see who wrote the piece. Given that rag's animosity toward anything traditional or conservative any conclusions it arrived at are suspect in the extreme.
The column then closes with this:
"Someone should mail Ryan Kelly the photo from last Sunday's Post-Dispatch of the $950,000 Frontenac mansion where Missouri Rep. T. Scott Muschany used to bed down, he being one of 58 House members who voted to strip subsidized health coverage from 90,000 poor folks, while voting against cutting their own state subsidized health insurance. In Muschany's case, taxpayers are happy to chip in $9,492 for his health-care insurance; barely enough to dry clean the chateau drapes, for all I know."
Again, what does one have to do with the other. Last time I looked Jennifer Wilbanks is not a US representative. Secondly, you do not state whether or not the Frontenac is a hotel or the man's home.
All of a sudden, I feel like my IQ has dropped from writing a response to this drivel.

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