Sunday, May 15, 2005

I Didn't Think He Could Sink any Lower

I guess Senate Majority Sleazer, Harry Reid thought This would slip beneath the radar. I am of course talking about his little smear tactic of referring to judicial nominees' confidential FBI files. Files he is not supposed to have access to in the first place! The worst part is he is not even making specific charges, he is doing nothing more or less than smearing by vague innuendo. Senator McCarthy lives! acording to Captain Ed,

"Worse than that, he has now floated a non-specific charge of malfeasance against Henry Saad against which Saad cannot defend. Saad himself cannot review his file, which contains anything anyone ever said about him to the FBI during his background check, regardless of whether it was true or not. Even those few Republicans who have defended judicial nominees against Reid's normal smears of "extremism" cannot offer defenses based on the FBI file, because to do so would be to break the same security clearance regulations Reid did in making this statement."
Aldaynet - Chairman of the Republican Attack Squad reminds us, "Senate rules state that only members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senators from the nominees home state are allowed to see this FBI memo".
I get the feeling that maybe Reid thought he might get a pass on this because people might attribute it to his being the buffoon that he is. Sadly, his buffoonery is detrimental to the well-being of deliberative process. Reid is interested in nothing more or less than scoring chesp political points with the buffoon voting block of this country. The ones who are impressed by this type of political thuggery.
I agree with Aldaynet that Powerline said it best, "But it can't be a good thing for a party to be led by men who have so little judgment or self-control. We said not long ago that Howard Dean is a ticking time-bomb for the Democrats. It looks now as though Harry Reid is in the same category."

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