Friday, May 13, 2005

Conyers and Lampley: Arrogant Stupidity in Action

Jackson's Junction: Ohio: Conyers' Questions & Lampley's Ignorance is a great read that I was direct to as I was reading Michelle Malkin. As I was reading I could only think that these two (Conyers and Lampley) are either willfully ignorant or just plain stupid. I cannot vote for Conyers, just help expose him as the moron he is. Jim Lampley...well my dislike for him goes back to the 70's when he was calling college football games for ABC. He was an annoying twit. I began to actively dislike him in 1984 when south Carolina was having its best season ever. The Gamecocks appeared headed to the Orange Bowl...then they lost to Navy. Before that game Lampley and the equally odious and annoying Beano Cook announced that the Orange Bowl had an under-the-table agreement with USC (the real one that predates the pretender on the left coast) that they would get the bid even if they lost to Navy. Well, the 'Cocks went to the Gator much for Jim Lampley's competence. He made that crap up and he knew it.
I see he is still making stuff up as he goes along.

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