Saturday, May 07, 2005

Rotten Second Generation Dillitante Brats

No, this is not a new comic book.
Cao’s Blog � Jihad comes to Smalltown USA -Part 2 started out as a here-we-go-again type read. Let us face it, the bending over forward for Islamists in out schools has almost reached the that's-not-news level. Then I saw it...the naming of the much-hated "other" high school of the district. Well, that is no longer true as there is another high school in the district, but when I graduated from Chapin High in 1976 Irmo was the other high school in the district. It was much bigger than us (Irmo was 4-A and Chapin was 2-A at the time). To give you an idea of how bad it was, in 1976 Chapin Elementary was in a building that should have been condemned several years earlier. The superintendant at the time thought practice fields for Irmo high was a more pressing need for the district.
Well, 29 years and another high school later (btw, Chapin did eventually get the new elementary school) nothing has changed. True there is a new superintendent, but he is even worse. When a private citizen publicly questioned a number of...well questionable actions by the board, rather than answer the questions, he took out an attack ad against the woman. He called it an "open letter", but it was an attack ad just the same. And Irmo is still populated by dillitante brats on both sides of the desk. According to the article presented in the above link, students in an IHS history class were required to:
Irmo High School were required as part of a history class to:

"· Create a pamphlet to teach people about Islam.

· Extensive discussion of the five pillars of Islam.

· Listen to a presentation by an Orthodox Christian priest who informed the students that all religions are based on Islam."

That last part should get said teacher fired for incompetence and the priest should be defrocked for the same reason.
There is much more to this post and to the article, but the part about IHS just hit too close.

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