Saturday, May 14, 2005

What Better Way to Expose Arianna for the Twit She Is

What a Wonderful Week! is found on what has to be the best parody blog I have seen in some time. Huffington's Toast skewers, of course Huffington Post. Who, by the way had a tag line like my original, "Serving conservative opinions since...well, a few days ago". Now when I did that I was taking a minor dig at those who herald themselves by how long they have been at it. Somebody needs to tell Ari that putting that up with a straight face in your first week just makes you sound pretentious. Then again that has never stopped Arianna. That is why I love this site. It parodies her elitist attitude perfectly, not to mention the blog's style (which looks more like an aggregator than a blog).
Now, some of Ari's apologists will whine that Huffington's Toast current has the comments disabled. Interesting criticism from defenders of a blog with no comments...not even a trackback.
Check out Huffington's Toast. You'll be glad you did.(Hey, Arianna! I can turn a cliche too)

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