Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Mortimer Snerd and the NEA

When I was a kid I used to love to see Edgar Bergan work. True he was on the last years of his life but he was hilarious. Charlie McCarthy and Effie Klinker were good but I always rather liked Mortimer Snerd. Mort has to be one of my favorite vent dolls. I remember one particular routine where mortimer was singing in that famous idiot voice, "Dum, dum, da dee dumm..." Then he would say, "They sure don't like lyrics like that anymore." The joke, of course, is that they never did. Which brings me to the NEA.
The current SC Superintendant of Education, Inez Tannenbaum, is the NEA's Mortimer Snerd. She sits on the lap saying what the NEA wants her to say."We are making progress", "We are improving" and "Give us more money". And if anybody points out that we are still # 50 we hear from Mortimer errrr...Inez, "How dare you criticize our children and teachers." Just like Mortimer's, "They don't write lyrics like that anymore" Sorry, Inez. It was funny when Mortimer did it but not in this case.
Speaking of Mortimer Snerd, this brings us to
Lawrence O'Donnel's performance with Cathy Seipp of Cathy's World on Dennis Miller. Mr. O'Donnel, notorious for his I'm-smarter-than-thow attitude toward any who disagree with him was rather adamantly defending the notion that ALL teachers in California are great teachers. Either Mr. O'Donnel is delusional or the NEA is paying him well to make an assinine statement like this, "Every single teacher my daughter has had has been a GREAT teacher." What that probably means that they hold all the same political views that he does and endoctrinates children accordingly.
If you look at O'Donnel's right fist in the pic you will see the reason for this passage:
"Actually, I felt that he might indeed have hit me if no one had been watching. Maybe all this was just a canny act of camera-hogging on O'Donnell's part, cleverly designed to focus more air time on himself. But that throbbing neck vein seemed like a sign of sincerely self-righteous fury. "
Yep, just another Mortimer Snerd for the NEA.
HT:Michelle Malkin

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